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Amazing Power Patterns was built around the most basic reality concept of there only being three things a stock or index can do.  Simply stated, up, down or nowhere. It can be no other way.  That being said, I wanted to keep it simple when it came to looking at stock ideas long or short, so it was designed around the cornerstone upon which there are only three things you need to know to be successful.Specifically, 

Up trends and how to trade them

Downtrends and how to  trade them

Change in Trends and how to identify them, after all if you are long at a market peak or top you need to know when to get out, if you are short at a market low or bottom here too you need to know when to cover a short sell.

 Within each of those three areas are what I call 

“The Amazing Power Patterns”

These series of courses lay the foundation of the whole Amazing Power Patterns system. As we all know the key to any system is being able to lay a stable foundation. Get this part right and it goes a long way towards moving from surviving to thriving.

Not only are they designed to not only move you from surviving to thriving but most importantly how to keep you out of trouble!

This course is designed to help YOU take control of your future

This course is for those who are looking for a simpler way vs the noise of the information age (yes the yachts and sports cars are a form of noise too you know)  where we are constantly bombarded with one guy says this, one gal says that , all of which leads to not knowing what to do. Aren't you all tired of that too? If so then this is the course for you.

No more will you rely on some pundit on TV or some so called expert telling you to buy this, sell that without any confidence within yourself. 

You’ll learn how to look at a stock and know in 30 seconds what you should or should not be doing. 

This course is designed with you in mind and building confidence within yourself!  Under the surface isn’t that a big piece of what we are all striving for anyway? 

Once you've learned the patterns you'll make better informed decisions all based upon the reality of what is. 

Once you learn the patterns and get better at identifying them BEFORE you take a trade you'll find out your two best friends will always be:

“What To Watch For” and “What To Watch Out For”

They go hand in hand with “What do I need to see to make me take a trade" or not take a trade. These are all centering statements that keep you grounded and methodical vs trading by the seat of your pants in a highly emotional impulsive state all because you read or saw someone say something positive about a stock or the market. 

This course is designed to cut thru the noise that we are constantly bombarded with on a daily basis. Being successful on a consistent basis doesn't have to be that hard and I'll show you how all with the use of some simple easy to use tools that even a 10 yr old can master.

The contents of this course consists of 20 Chapters with most in easy to follow video form that you can stop and start along the way.

Here is a sampling of what you'll learn:

The Power of trend lines- Uptrend Lines, Downtrend Lines and how to use them. 

Trend Channels For Breakout buyers

Trend Channels During Earnings Season

How to build a foundation built upon rock and not sand

Why with the use of a few simple tools installed before you even take a trade you find out that you've really never anything to fear ever again.

All this and many more chapters.

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About the instructor

Chief Market Strategist

Harlan Pyan

Harlan Pyan is the founder and chief market strategist of Amazing Power Patterns. He has over 25 years of investing and trading experience and has been thru all types of market climates from bull market cycles to bear market cycles and every type of climate in between. He is a firm believer in keeping things simple and is firmly committed to showing people how to fish on their own vs being given a fish and being fed for a day. For him, its really about helping people take control of their own future, which in turn helps people create the next grandest version of themselves possible all with just the use of a few simple tools that any 6th grader can master.